25 anos

Vísent develops and provides innovative operating and business support solutions to large Telecom Network Operators in Brazil since 1996 based on online and offline handling of use records (such as Call Detail Record – CDR), meeting several carrier class requirements on quality and reliability.


Handling of such records is the best way, if not the only one, to associate the user with the service and network resources used in terms of time, volume and events. Such an association is essential for Operators to understand the behaviors and profiles of their users, as well as their needs, in order to properly plan and operate networks and services.

Flexible Business Models

Business Models are flexible, with the marketing of solutions as perpetual licenses (Capex), renewable licenses or as SaaS – Software as a Service (Opex).

Other models were developed to be compatible with Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) demands, and to facilitate access of databases by external applications, to export reduced data selectively and interoperate via bus bar services.

Technological Differentials


solid expertise in understanding customers’ problems and challenges and result-oriented solutions design.


Top-down information models (goals → features → information) and extraction, enrichment, classification and normalization with open XML rules.


broad Knowledge Base covering all technologies and formats of voice usage data records, messages, existing data and broadband in Brazil.


servers cluster with active load partition, and storage structure oriented to independent files, ensuring high systemic availability.


record growth handling capacity by adding servers in parallel (horizontal scalability).

Big Data Analytics

proprietary and specialized technology for collection, enrichment, standardization, inclusion, compression, selection, filtering, recovery, processing and presentation of information on continuous records flows, with high rates and large volume of inputs.



Handling and giving meaning to communication networks use by meeting customers’ demands, employees, partners, investors’ expectations, as well as the society in general.


Be a reference by creating value from Big Data and Analytics insights





In 2015, Vísent received an investment from Criatec 2 Fund. Criatec 2’s General Manager is Bozano Investimentos, Operating Advisor is Triaxis Capital shareholders are Bozano, BNDES, Banco do Nordeste do Brasil (BNB – Brazilian Northeast Bank), Banco de Desenvolvimento do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul S.A. (BADESUL); Banco de Desenvolvimento de Minas Gerais S.A. (BDMG); and Banco de Brasília S.A. (BRB).


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