Professional Services

Aware of the best market practices (ITU-T M 3050 / TMF ETOM), using skills and products synergistically, in close collaboration with the customer’s technical and management teams. Vísent provides the following Professional Services:

Remote Managemnt

Intends to build a new operating condition for the system, or execute high complexity or risk procedures. It covers the following activities:

  • Stop and restart of the system for management activities;
  • System restore from a tape backup;
  • Reprocessing of CDRs from a tape backup;
  • Re-schedule of reports;
  • Update of tables related to CDRView (Prefix, EOT, FatorPond, etc.) from reports provided by the Customer;
  • Advanced settings, including parameterization for the entry of new managed resources.

Operational Deployment

Once the platform is technically deployed, proper training is provided and the support documentation is submitted, it can be put into effective production and achieve the expected results through the following activities:

  • Optimized configuration of resource groups, reports templates, exports and imports, among other necessary operating conditions or ideal to meet the system objectives;
  • Parameterization of alarms, schedules and other critical processes, and system routines;
  • Diagnosis, implementation and/or an adequacy of administrative and operating processes required to fully use the platforms;
  • On-the-job training of staff, from the joint analysis of problems, focusing on how solutions implemented can support similar future situations.

Assisted Operation

Usually performed onsite by a VÍSENT professional fully qualified in both the tooling and customer processes, it helps increasing productivity, considering the particularities of the organizational environment, infrastructure, objectives and operational processes of each Customer through activities such as:

  • Local support Platforms functioning, operation and management;
  • Advanced relationship with VÍSENT support team and/or partners possibly involved with the solutions;
  • Understand problems in conjunction with the Customer teams and establishment of how solutions can support their handlings;
  • Setting up, operation of tools, extraction of reports and support of their analysis;
  • Survey of technical and/or functional requirements in order to send it to VÍSENT technical and/or commercial departments.


It provides support to Network Operators or Network Sponsoring to OMAP (Operation, Maintenance, Management and Provisioning) contracts under SLA, through an operating intelligence service for surveying performance indicators and meeting targets agreed upon. It involves, among others, the following activities:

  • Specification, implementation, management and operation of CDRView platform in own infrastructure or in Customer infrastructure, such as support to BPO;
  • Survey and analysis of performance indicators, SLA and sub-indicators;
  • Suggestion of protective and corrective actions in order to meet the SLA.

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