Solutions for M2M and IoT services management support the analysis of different evolutionary and comparative scenarios observed in the network of the Network Operator. It allows a better understanding of use profiles of the connected devices , generating competitive advantages in the supply and provision services.





M2M Communication Management

Manages the performance of each type of M2M communication, inserted into a data network that also serves all other types of communication: B2B, C2C, C2B and B2C among others. It divides the M2M communication in order to facilitate the construction of specific KPI/KQI for each type, ensuring a top-down view, from services passing through the network elements to the origin SIMCard and destination APN.

Analysis of IoT Use

Provides appropriate algorithm models to handle the data flow from M2M communications, as well as to monitor it’s characteristic dynamic. These analysis techniques allows a prediction of future scenarios and evaluate increasing issues to become complex, such as the quality establishment requirements and availability for critical application areas such as telemedicine, connected cars and distributed manufacturing.

M2M Traffic Management

Environment to monitor, measure and identify potential bottlenecks or difficulties on the Clients usage of the provided service via M2M, through Volumetry and Bytes Count information presented in the form of temporal distributions, H-1 and D-1 volumetries, top 3, 5 and 10 rankings, charts demonstrators, as well as various types of charts and maps in layers.


Direct benefits
  • Reduced maintenance time  
  • Increased efficiency and operational effectiveness
  • Improved quality of the service provided
  • Increased productivity of the personnel involved
  • Reduced risk of fines due to non-compliance of SLA
  • Retention and monetization of Corporate Customers
  • Increased revenue and profitability

This Solution won the 2015 Annual Innovation in Communications Tele-Synthesis Award, in the “Software and Services Providers” and “National Technology” categories.


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