Enables the detection, valuation and analysis of efficiency gaps, in addition to understand and monitor the usage of infrastructure and services through highly effective performance indicators and degradation statistical alarms.


Root Cause Analysis – RCA

Supports localization, isolation and treatment of the root cause in service quality degradation. The solution supports the characterization of degradation from the equipment viewpoint services, users and provides for evidence of the network area or service domain, where the root cause is found.

BIA (Business Impact Analysis)

Seeks to identify and mitigate the impact that eventual network errors may cause in services to users, image and revenue of the Network Operator. Therefore, the solution provides a view of degraded services and groups of users that will be or are being affected through specific reports and alarms, considering the momentary and historical interest in the use of services.

SQM (Service Quality Management)

Seeks to monitor and maximize the quality of services provided, considering the heterogeneity of the network as well as the diversity of services and user profiles. The solution provides for several features to generate, analyze and export key performance and quality indicators.

NPM (Network Performance Management)

Supports the sizing, provisioning, configuration and maintenance of network elements. The solution generates metrics for each network element that took part in the services and CDR identifiable, which provides an invaluable support to controlled or predictive maintenance schemes.


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